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Work at La Barantine

And embrace the French culture in Edinburgh

Available positions at the moment

1 full-time Barista / Waiter/tress for our cafe in Bruntsfield 

Email your CV to:


Your job doesn't have to be a waste of time!

We all give a lot of our time in order to make a living.

This doesn't mean you should have to work in an environment that isn't enjoyable!

Don't let your job be irrelevant to your interest in French, expert pâtisserie or hospitality

A  Sweet  offer

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Join an ever-growing family

We are a family business and treat employees as such

We have 5 shops across Edinburgh, which gives you flexibility to work in different areas of the city

Emrabce French culture

Practice your French with the team and regulars

Be the first to try the new pâtisserie each season

Embrace your inner Amélie!

Your time matters

We are Living Wage employers

We give you a considerate schedule to help work around your life commitments

Spend your valuable working hours with people who have similar interests

About La Barantine

La Barantine is a French family owned business


We have five shops in Edinburgh: three cafés, one bakery and one secret pâtisserie

We understand applying for jobs can be daunting

Which is why we've implemented an easy 3 step plan..

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Step One

Send your CV to

Step Two

Lets meet and talk through your potential role

Step Three

Start working in one of our shops in Paris Edinburgh!

Available positions at the moment

1 full-time + 1 part-time Barista/ Waiter/tres for our cafe in Bruntsfield

1 part-time Barista/ Waiter/tres for our cafe in Stockbridge

2 full-time Barista/ Waiter/tres for our cafe in Victoria street

Email your CV to:


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